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Take your business to new heights


Our jewellery manufacturing and consultancy service is designed to help you take your jewellery business to the next level. We will help you identify and address key areas for improvement, develop strategies to maximize your profits, and build a successful and sustainable business.


Our rich experience

USDIA Jewels LLP is a fine jewellery manufacturing and consultancy firm, based in Mumbai, India, with 9 years of rich history, and with 18 years of in-depth industry experience. Our expertise enables us to help fine jewellery retail entities establish themselves in their markets, with our core markets being the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the whole of Western Europe. Our motto rests rests in our customer-centric approach, to create prospects for our clients to generate higher revenues. which has gained us excellent reputation among our clientele.

Our approach

Since our inception, we have assessed and analysed retail jewellery markets in various countries, and garnered huge amounts of data, to be able to adequately support our clients with industry-leading strategic support. The entire process of our consultancy starts with deep understanding of our client's expectations and thei intention to start a business and his far-sightedness, leaving USDIA JEWELS with great responsibility, to follow with utmost sincerity and discipline.

Guiding future leaders

We ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the quality of our service. We help clients turn their organisations into what they want it to become. USDIA JEWELS helps small businesses to grow by helping them clarify their purpose, develop consistent processes, get more out of their people and identify their key performance indicators (KPIs). We accompany leaders on their most turbulent journeys of change - wether strategic, organisational, or leadership. We help build solutions that helps leaders and their companies realise their ambitions to transform.

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