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About us

About us

About us

Its all about Natural Diamonds and Jewellery

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USDIA JEWELS LLP is a Mumbai-based Natural Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer, consultant, and retailer, with the focus on manufacturing and supplying value-led Natural Diamond studded gold and platinum jewellery across India and Europe. Being involved in the loose diamond trade since the early stages of our business, our expertise lies in unmatched natural diamond procurement which enables us to produce Fine Diamond jewellery at best prices for our customers.

The demand for bespoke jewellery is now a usual service that all jewellers now provide. As the market for diamond jewellery continues to grow, the expectations of the consumer broadens, over and beyond the ready-made jewellery available for sale. Thus, we see an increasing demand for jewellery that is tailor-made to the customer's wishes, whether its the gemstone of their choice or the overall design of the jewellery. USDIA Jewels LLP is here to cater to this demand. We have a team of proficient jewellery designers to design jewellery for customers, with GIA-grade diamond buyers and graders to buy the best-quality diamonds for the jewellery, ensuring that the our jewellery is manufactured with finesse. 

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USDIA Jewels LLP aims to meet the three expectations of the customer. Firstly, we strive to stand by the customer's "Expectation of Quality" by providing the finest quality of natural diamonds and superior jewellery finishing in all our jewellery. Secondly, we stand by our customer's "Expectation of Value" by not overcharging our customers. Lastly, we stand by our customer's "Expectation of Satisfaction" by ensuring that we listen to smallest of our customer's queries and feedbacks regarding the product to make sure that they are completely satisfied with their final product.

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